"Porting exFAT to android4.2.2" document did not understand

The original document has the following words:
2 transplant procedure
The A. kernel configuration: CONFIG_FUSE_FS=y; (creates /dev/fuse node)
Create a exfat-fuse directory B. on the Android source code directory under the external directory, make the above via the SVN download exFAT code is copied to the fuse-2.9.3.tar.gz directory, and file decompression after the files are copied to the directory, change to the exfat-fuse directory, Executive / configure command, will create a include/config.h file,
C. to create the Android.mk file in the exfat-fuse directory, ...........
The original Baidu disc link: http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=2046509696&uk=221114789
I use the domestic mobile phone, system android4.2.2
The kernel configuration CONFIG_FUSE_FS=y in which files in which folder?
I have read the mobile phone ROM Jinshan mobile phone assistant, did not see the external directory?
Execute the./configure command, is what to execute?

Think of this document in many places did not say clearly, look I this white ~ embarrassed~

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No one to do me a favor? Master had gone?

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