Need for Python Programming

What is Python

Python supports many programming paradigms (models) such as structured programming, object-oriented programming, and functional programming. So it is called a language with many paradigms.

Python is easy to use and can be used to develop application software such as text editors, music players, etc. So it's called high language.

Python has several built-in libraries. There are also many third-party libraries available. With all these libraries, we develop almost everything in Python. So this is called a general purpose language.

However, Python programs are executed (interpreted) line by line. So it's called a scripting language.

Need for Python Programming

Following are some of the main reasons for learning Python language::

Software quality: Python code is readable and therefore reusable and easier to use than traditional scripting languages. Python has extensive support for advanced software reuse mechanisms, such as B. Object-Oriented (OO) and Functional Programming.


Developer Achievements: Python code is typically one-third to one-fifth the size of equivalent C ++ or Java code. This means less deployment, less debugging, and less post-maintenance.

Program portability: Most Python programs run unchanged on all major computer platforms. Migrating Python code between Linux and Windows is usually just a matter of copying script code between computers.

Library support: Python has a large collection of built-in and portable functions known as standard libraries. The library supports a variety of application-level programming tasks, from matching text patterns to network scripting.

Third-party Python domains provide tools for website building, digital programming, serial port access, game development, and more. For example, the NumPy extension is described as the Matlab equivalent and more free digital programming system.

Integration of components: Python scripts can easily communicate with other parts of the application using various integration mechanisms. Python code can call C and C ++ libraries can be called from C and C ++ programs and can be integrated into Java and .NET components.

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