Elements and Models of Advertising

Since the development of various media including print media, advertising has gone to higher levels. Organizations and companies are working hard to make sure that their adverts are the most recognizable and that consumer’s attention is caught in the highest degree possible. While some are willing to use usual advertising means, others are willing to go to higher heights of advertising for the sole purpose of captivating their customers. However, it is worthy to understand that the globalization of trade and economies is intensifying. As such, companies are communicating with consumers from different cultures and different languages. This means that translating an advert and its text is different from one individual to another and also affects consumers differently. Because of this, an advert may have different levels of reception based on customer values and culture. Because of this, advertisers should adopt advertising strategies that target people of all values and culture since consumers are not similar. To gain a deeper insight into this discussion, a review of one of the adverts by a pomegranate fruit drink company is presented.

An overview of the advert reveals the use of different advertising elements such as pictures, words, placement and color among other elements to convey a certain message to consumers. The ad has a picture that shows a beautiful juice bottle with a loose rope tied to its neck. The rope seems severed as if someone has just overcome the power of the rope to tie as it should have done. The bottle is black and has the color of the juice at the top. The name of the juice and explanations of its ability have also been included in the picture.

The advert is then supported by a few words with the major words being “cheat death”. These two words are in bold, which makes them stand out in the entire advert. The other sentence is “The antioxidant power of pomegranate juice”, which has been done in the bright red color of the juice. Apart from the color bottle, the entire advert has been positioned in a clear white background, which allows the picture and the words to stand out.

With these elements, the AIDA advertising model stands out as the main model of advertising in this advert.


This represents the advertiser’s ability to grab the attention of many people. The advert uses this element by using a bottle with a loose rope on the neck. This attracts people to the advert since they are interested in knowing the reason behind this. Size, placement, and color have also been used to attract the viewer. The bottle’s size attracts the viewer and communicates that the content is more important than anything else.


This is used by the advertiser to make sure that the viewers take a lot of time when understanding the message being conveyed by the advert. This has been achieved in this ad by the use of a rope and a bottle. The viewer is left wondering about the connection between the rope and the juice bottle. This interest is sparked more by the statement ‘cheat death’. This statement aids consumers and viewers in understanding the meaning of the rope on the bottleneck.


This element is used to communicate the help that is offered by the product or service on consumers. In this advert, the advertiser explains the power of antioxidants and how it can make an individual ‘cheat death’ or to live longer.


The connection of text and pictures brings out the need for action. The need to cheat death and live for eternity creates a need to buy this pomegranate juice. Although the advert has been successful in using all these elements and models, the advertiser failed to consider the cultural implications of the ad to some consumers. The rope on the neck raises a controversy. For example, those that fear death or who have seen their loved ones killing themselves with the rope may not like to look at the advert. This means that they would not like to be associated with the advert or the contents of the advert. This is wrong since it means that the advert does not accomplish the desired need of attracting consumers; instead, it pushes them away.

Besides, the advert is misleading since its promises are fake. Except in theology, we have not had any product that would lead to eternity. The advert promises consumers that the pomegranate juice would help them to ‘cheat death’. The interpretation of this is that the juice will help people to live eternally since they will never die. Those who are used to watching movies that are connected to eternity can interpret this wrongly because of the promise of eternity.

As an educated person, I think that the advert affects me positively. Instead of seeing the failures of the advertiser, I see the artwork associated with the advert. As such, I appreciate the ability of the advertiser’s mind to come up with such a creative advert. However, I must admit that the bottle’s color and the message make me think of blood.

In conclusion, various advertisers use various techniques to catch the viewer’s attention. These techniques may lead to a good or a bad reception of the advert, which is determined by consumer’s interpretation and cultural values. For example, the advert under analysis uses the AIDA model of advertising. However, the interpretation of the advert leads to its rejection by some consumers. More interesting articles you may find in our academic essays database. ​​​​​​​


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