What is the process of getting Dubai Municipality Approval

Dubai Municipality Approval Process 

Advisor Engineering Offices are the bureaus approved to practice referring and engineering businesses in Dubai, giving to the engineering consultancy doings qualified by the Registration and Certifying Board to practice Consulting Engineering & Contracting professions In DDA Dubai

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Some tips regarding the rules and regulation of Dubai Municipality: 

  • Natural lighting and ventilation are required for the office area, kitchen area, and working area. 

  • Maximum 4 numbers of Conference/Meeting Rooms are only allowed inside the office. 

  • All Server Room should have Self Automated Fire Extinguisher/FM200 or FE36. 

  • Need to provide 2 means of egress (doors) if Office Floor Area is greater than 3,000 ft². 

  • Need to provide 2 means of egress (doors) if Office Floor Travel Distance is more than 30m. 

  • The passage leading to Exit Doors should not be obstructed. 

  • Maximum 10% of Warehouse area can be used as office otherwise it's subject to Exception submission. 

  • The minimum kitchen area for Restaurant activity is 300 sq ft. 

  • A toilet is required for the Restaurants/Cafeteria, otherwise, maintain a 50meters  distance from the common toilet of the building. 

Our expert team will assist you with the complete process of Dubai Municipality Approval

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