Electronic dictionary is self do: please give suggestions

Read a book on computer, look up the word seems to be much more simple, there are a lot of English dictionary. In addition to "Youdao dictionary" and "Merriam-Webster", is not how to good use. Check a check that, remember to write down the words! (Marx is always an example. At the age of 50 to study a foreign language. )

Then you will find a note the word software. Online there are many, like "my words", "I love the word back" etc.. The software have some shortcomings, such as not to open, the phonetic writing offbeat, the meaning of words too little, in addition, the English dictionary is not open.

Due to the statistical comparison of preference, always want to know yourself how many words what the source, also want to mark the words. The university is noted in the new English Chinese dictionary, have a look not to repeat the word remember how many. Now open the old new English Chinese dictionary, feeling a lot! Now want to mark up, and don't want to look up a word in the dictionary the word paper, electronic music and not open, how to do?

The best way to make a suitable use of the electronic dictionary. Make the electronic dictionary, thesaurus is the key. So the search on the net. Find a TXT "Oxford" electronic dictionary, the dictionary of 13000000000000 size, format for a line of words, a line of interpretation. Use Word to read is not very convenient, especially if you use Word "search" function to draw the dictionary, it is not convenient. Just want to turn it into a database query! Using Delphi to write a program, it can be used as electronic dictionary himself

Of course, the first step is to put the txt into the form. This can be in the word "text conversion table", only the first, "Oxford electronic dictionary" in too much content, but the format and error! Have to one point one point turn. It took nearly a day, finally all the text into electronic form, a total of more than 48000. Of course, can not guarantee 100% correct, but can bear. The next is the spreadsheet content into the access database, and then according to their own functions needed to write.!

Preparation process middle school to many things. Look at the "Oxford electronic dictionary" content: "absorb / Eb5sR:b; Eb`sRrb/ v [Tn] 1 (a) take
(sth) in; Suck up absorption of (sth); ", the first point, light is the phonetic symbols can not stand / Eb5sR:b; Eb`sRrb/
, What is this? Believe that no one can understand. So I can understand that the phonetic symbols into. The reading on the computer, Youdao dictionary is very good, the best two points, one is the screen. Once found out the words, you can copy. The above example in absorb, check and copy and paste, became:
absorb [əb'sɔ:b, -'zɔ:b]
The basic translation
Absorption; attract; bearing; the understanding... Be absorbed in
Semantic network
Absorb: absorption | to concentrate on | attract
Go on to do a few things:

1, Find the words, the phonetic symbols stored separately in another field. Why do you want to separate? Because in the next step to put the software into use separate phonetic symbols to back word software.
2, Those who find the words, no longer appear / Eb5sR:b; Eb`sRrb/ like transcription, to put them to replace, retaining only "V [Tn] 1 (a) take (sth) in; suck up absorption of (sth);".
3, Copied from a dictionary in the content, should be kept in another place. Although the "Oxford electronic dictionary" has meaning, but if there is a concise explanation, train people for learning English, to better.

4, According to their own habits, the word to label the source, from what place what books to words.

5, To record the learning of its special usage or translation.

6, To join the label learning words, that this is the first of several words I learn.
7, To remember the beginning and review time.
8, If the "Oxford electronic dictionary" without the word, but also to join the.

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To make the detection, evaluation function better.

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When words, could have been the word dictation!

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The memory of Ebbinghaus curve into consideration

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