The message data structure

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/data/data/ (requires root permission)

This database contains 13 tables, table SMS basic information saved messages.

public final static String SMS_URI_ALL ="content://sms/";

public final static String SMS_URI_INBOX ="content://sms/inbox";

public final static String SMS_URI_SEND ="content://sms/sent";

public final static String SMS_URI_DRAFT ="content://sms/draft";

public final static String SMS_URI_OUTBOX = "content://sms/outbox";

public final static String SMS_URI_FAILED ="content://sms/failed";

public final static String SMS_URI_QUEUED ="content://sms/queued";

Send and receive SMS mainly to read and write the next 3 tables

_id Marking its uniqueness

thread_id :This field is very important, thread_id them with a session is the same, that is through the thread_id can see that A and B or A and C in the chat in the chat

person: The sender, returns a number is the contact list of the serial number, the stranger into null

Date: this message sent or received

read: 0 Said the 1 have read unread

protocol: Protocol 0SMS_PROTO, 1 MMS_PROTO

status: State -1 receiving, 0, 64 wait, 128 failure

type : 1Said receiving 2 issued

body Said the content of the message

Service_center short message service center number

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