squid cache Lighttpd

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Reprinted from the open source community China

The proxy server Squid

Squid cache (Squid for short) is a popular free software (GNU general public license) proxy server and Web server. Squid has wide application, to improve the Web server speed from the pre cache server cache related request as Webpage server, to share the cyber source for a group of people and cache web, domain name system and other network search, to help network security by filtering flow, to the local area network access through a proxy. Squid is primarily designed for a class of system operation in Unix.

The development history of Squid is quite long, function quite well. Except for HTTP, for FTP and HTTPS support is pretty good, in the 3 test version also supports IPv6.
http://home.arcor.de/pangj/squid/ The website Squid Chinese authoritative guide to learn squid

Reprinted from the open source community China
The high performance of the Web server Lighttpd
Lighttpd is a German leading open source Web server software, its fundamental purpose is to provide a specific high performance web sites, security, fast, good compatibility and flexibility of the web server environment. Has a very low memory overhead, CPU occupancy rate is low, efficiency, and rich module etc.

Lighttpd is one of the many OpenSource lightweight web server is an excellent. Support FastCGI, CGI, Auth, output compression (output compress), URL rewriting, the important function of Alias, but Apache is popular, is to a large extent because of abundant functions, in lighttpd a lot of functions have corresponding realization, it is very important for Apache users, because the migration to lighttpd must face these problems.
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