A company's management of the four: People's feelings, the candidate

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Recently experienced staff turnover is not easy to come up the embarrassed situation. So to sum up some recent insights, the sentiment is consistent with their current situation, so different opinions do not spray.
1 for start-ups, best inception must choose has worked for many years and experienced technical staff, excellent, in fact, such people do not need too much, each core job one is enough, is mainly for these people to be willing to give preferential treatment, can't think and market standards OK, for example, a good IOS programmers market price is 15K, so if you regard him as a core member of corporate entrepreneurship team is higher than the 10%-20% price, then he can be in quite a long time. Under the heart to you a battle. For entrepreneurial teams if found to be mediocre, a man should have the courage to quit as soon as possible, because leave such people blow to your team is deadly, because a grain of sand in the rapid iterative period like high speed machines, assembly as you rotate resistance. So in the early entrepreneurs must not use second rate, three current personnel (how to define several flow? Look at his initiative, learning ability, the work sense of identity, identity. Of course, if you have a set of perfect performance appraisal system is perfect)
2 I obviously feel the talent difference in Chengdu Second City and so first-tier cities really is too big. I stayed in Beijing for more than ten years, Beijing management team in 10 people feel when personnel stability than in Chengdu, and even if the employees within a period of time a large number of loss but still able to timely supplement, not experienced personnel 3, 4 months is not on the situation. But in Chengdu such situation is when the long appeared. And in Beijing, who are the vast majority of people, hard-working hard is full of vigor, and Chengdu colleagues are accustomed to leisurely life, efficiency and attitude of things really can be described with totally don't. Plus do outsourcing project team and product team mixed in a piece of work, mutual influence, very difficult to manage. So if you can let me choose entrepreneurial city word, I would choose to Beijing instead of Chengdu.
3 once the company development expansion stage, must form a team for their cultural atmosphere. At least let everyone to reach such a consensus: we pay and welfare through out spell their own, more hard work we can get more and more. But if some people thought not, hold when one day at a time, no demerits ideas, so that people really can't keep, excrement of a mice can really spoil the soup! Of course this atmosphere needs encouragement mechanism more robust as fit.
4 if in middling city if limited to no talent advantage, Unable to recruit talent idea of how to do? Can't do things waiting for? Of course this is not possible, We will encounter such a situation, So when the talents within a short period of time less than the situation, At least we need to introduce competition mechanism to cultivate talents, As our main one time less than how to do, You can recruit some expectations when the main beauty but also almost personnel, For more than a few by competing with the best selected, Of course, this will also bring some other problems, But our main purpose at, The art team have the backbone., Other problems can be one one solution.
To sum up my experience in Venture Company, for each step is really to be very careful, in fact, the maximum possible problem is talent problem, hope and the same share, encourage new friends!
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Posted by dream at December 17, 2013 - 8:46 AM