For a picture or file structure selection

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       As maintenance personnel for small and medium-sized companies or architect, ever encountered such a situation, every time to upgrade the site faces again selection framework. One of the more typical is the image or file structure. I have encountered, then consider a variety of options. What I have to say that was a.


   MooseFS is a fault tolerant, network distributed file system. It spreads data over several physical servers which are visible to the user as one resource. For standard file operations MooseFS acts as other Unix-alike file systems:
MooseFS is fault-tolerant, distributed network file system. It spreads data across multiple physical servers to the user, this is a resource visible. For the standard file manipulation MooseFS as other Unix like file system:

    A hierarchical structure (directory tree)
    Hierarchical (tree)
    Stores POSIX file attributes (permissions, last access and modification times)
    Store the POSIX file attributes (permissions, last access and modification time)
    Supports special files (block and character devices, pipes and sockets)
    Support special file (block and character devices, pipes and sockets)
    Symbolic links (file names pointing to target files, not necessarily on MooseFS) and hard links (different names of files which refer to the same data on MooseFS)
    Symbolic link (file name pointing to the target file, not necessarily MooseFS) and hard links (this refers to the name of the MooseFS file on the same data with different)
    Access to the file system can be limited based on IP address and/or password
    To access the file system according to the IP address and / or password is limited

Distinctive features of MooseFS are:
The distinctive feature of MooseFS is the:
    High reliability (several copies of the data can be stored across separate computers)
    High reliability (multiple copies of the data can be stored in a separate computer)
    Capacity is dynamically expandable by attaching new computers/disks
    Capacity through the addition of new computer / disk dynamic expansion
    Deleted files are retained for a configurable period of time (a file system level "trash bin")
    Delete the file to retain the configurable time period (a file system level "trash" )
    Coherent snapshots of files, even while the file is being written/accessed
    Coherent snapshot files, or even be written / in file access

      See here, a lot of friends may ask, why only text descriptions and screenshots, no installation! The official website of the installation process, Google and Baidu have enough, I need not repeat, the key text, I want to tell my friends, when you decide to use, you have to understand that it can meet the needs of your. Screenshots can make us very intuitive to the entire cluster information real-time monitoring, easy operation and maintenance.
      In the first time, we do not choose this program because of the cost, the MooseFS deployment process compared to other, fairly simple. Convenient configuration, monitoring is also very intuitive.

        Only a short text description and a sketch to the operation and maintenance of small and medium enterprises in the brothers, do the image file storage structure selection, and provides a reference, based on stable business, raise their technical level´╝ü
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Posted by Lyle at December 06, 2013 - 8:57 AM