Mobile devices cannot access the Nginx server through WiFi share the problem mac

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1 background

Adaptive mobile recently website, in accordance with the normal situation, as long as the computer and mobile devices connected to the same wireless, mobile device can access the local server. When I do so also can access the server.

But because the network can not access to public network address, can only be built LAN, so the author uses the Win8 system set up a shared WiFi. However, no matter how to build shared, when access to the Apache server, can be a normal visit, is unable to access the nginx server, thought is the port, port state, port is right Nginx, thinking about try modifying the Nginx port to have a look, modified from the 81 port to 8888, no one can use the.

2 The path winds along mountain ridges

The problem aside for several days, today just roommates took a small degree WiFi, thought try looking at small degree can not, ah, the miracle appear, at first, with a small degree of moment, mobile phone connected to the Nginx server on the website home page, but, when I click the inside of the connection is not good. Tried a lot of times or not.

Since inside a minute, that port, the server should be no problem, but why would later die, suddenly thought of, will not be a firewall, then sell the firewall settings, and finally solve the problem.

The 3 problem is so resolved

First, open the control panel from -> Windows firewall, select the advanced settings, the settings window appear as shown in Figure


Next, select the TCP protocol and the local specific ports. (the author set is 81)

Three options are selected configuration file

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Posted by Newman at February 23, 2014 - 3:24 AM