The jQuery selector (two)

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[attribute]Matches elements that have the specified attribute.

[attribute=value] Attribute matching is given a specific value elements

[attribute!=value]Match all does not contain the specified property, or the property is not equal to a specific value elements.

[attribute^=value]Attribute matching is given to certain value elements

[attribute$=value]Attribute matching is given to certain value at the end of the elements

[attribute*=value]Attribute matching is given to contain the value of some elements

[selector1][selector2][selectorN]Composite attribute selector, need to meet a number of conditions of use.

:Nth-child matching parent elements under article N sub or parity elements, to match the element number, starting from 1. $("ul li:nth-child(2)")

:First-child matches the first child element

:Last-child matched the last child element

:Only-child if an element is the only element in the parent element, that will be matched

:Input matches all input, textarea, select and button elements

:Text matching a single line text all frame<input type="text" />

:Password matches any password box<input type="password" />

:Radio matching all radio buttons

:Checkbox matching all of the check boxes

:Submit match all the submit button

:Image matches any image domain

:Reset matching all reset button

:Button matches all button

:All files in file matching domain

:Hidden matches any invisible elements, or type to the elements of the hidden

:Enabled match all available elements

:Disabled matches all elements not available$("input:disabled")

:Checked matching all selected selected elements (check boxes, radio buttons, not included in the select option)$("input:checked")

:Selected matching all of the selected option element$("select option:selected")

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Posted by Hilary at November 14, 2013 - 2:05 PM