MongoDB start -- error 1067

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MongoDB boot Baocuo

1 problem: using the CMD command window start report -- a system error occurred in 1607, or while the display server has been started, but that is not open the client window. You can also check if really successful start the server,


The 2 test is really start success: in the browser window input: localhost:28017 making making if you can request to the content, shows that the server has really opened up.


3 errors: non normal shutdown the server, not through the CMD command window closed, such as the "360 key acceleration" close can cause abnormal shutdown.


4 how to judge whether the normal shutdown: mongodb database folder data folder (built its own, is generally data) is a mongod.lock file, when you first open the server, the file is automatically established, display size is 1KB, if the normal closing, it would be the size of a 0kb, if it is not normal closed, its size is still 1KB.


The 5 solution: delete the mongod.lock file can be, don't worry, when you open the server will be re built.



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Posted by Gladys at April 02, 2014 - 12:48 PM