The server Tomcat launched the web project, IP address access problem with exter

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Making today met a server problem, released a Tomcat web project, the 8080 port originally occupied I modify in server.xml port 8082, and then I on the local server ip:8082 port can not access the project (localhost and can, change the port with IP access is no problem), search the Internet there are several possible:

    1: Do not allow remote connection problems, since I was the remote on the server to modify the configuration file, remove this,

    2: Tomcat IP address binding problem, using netstat -n to check them out, is IPv4 indeed, exclude this article; (here and sometimes to study under the,

Making making familiar with the commonly used command is necessary)

    3: Firewall issues, local firewall closed, then go to the server's firewall settings, indeed as expected in the server management configuration - Advanced Security

Making making full Windows Firewall - inbound rules, not found on port 8002, as shown in Fig.

Making making decisive added, restart the service, OK.

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Posted by Otto at December 14, 2013 - 2:41 AM