Windows XP Oracle 10g OLS (Oracle Label installation Security)

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OLS is a database component control data privacy, principle for each data with a fake (column of labels), tags are grades of authority, to control the user through the access to table data access.
Oracle Label Security (Oracle Label Security)
The Oracle 10g installation steps:
1 in the start menu and click the /Oracle OraDb10g_home1/Oracle Installation Products/Universal Installer to begin installation,
2 window select the type of installation, choose Custom,
3 then the next step, the next step to the available product components, installed in the Oracle label security on tick after,
4 in the start menu and click the /Oracle OraDb10g_home1/ configuration and migration tools/Database Configuration Assistant,
5 database components window, select Oracle label security and then click Next,
6 after installation restart the database,
7 open CMD, sqlplus lbacsys/lbacsys login, if the account is locked executes the alter user lbacsys account unlock;
Once installed in the database will be called "LBACSYS" the user, the password is "LBACSYS" the user will manage our security policy

* The name and path where oracle installation path must be

* In Select Oracle Label Security component here

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Posted by Shelley at December 03, 2013 - 3:29 AM