Windows Phone 8 mobile application development tool inventory -- interface text

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  The above, to develop the Windows Phone 8 APP also need strong support for development tools. Reasonable development environment and excellent development tools, will make your products talent showing itself from Windows Phone 8 application! Here we review several foreign goodWindows Phone 8 mobile application development tool.


DevExtreme,Windows Phone 8 application development tool

  DevExtreme (v2013.1.5 version put up name DXTREME Mobile) is a new generation of interface development tool interface controls the big boss DevExpress launch. DevExtremee contains the latest HTML5, CSS and JavaScript framework, you can create cross platform and multiple devices (both Windows8 or iPad, but also iPhone, Android and other intelligent mobile phone application). In the 2013 release of DXperience, DevExtreme is officially support Windows Phone 8, extend the built-in predefined layout, but also a new topic specifically for the WinPhone 8 Platform. Relying on the DevExpress strong technical strength, DevExtreme in mobile platform performance should not be underestimated.

>>Download the latest version of DevExtreme

ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone

ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone,Windows Phone 8 mobile application development tool

  ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone is a mobile application development tool famous interface manufacturer ComponentOne specifically for the Windows Phone launch. It has more than 20 UI controls, used for data display, text editing, layout, navigation etc.. Officially support Windows Phone 8 from 2013 V1, its characteristic control TileControl also support the platform, you can create dynamic ceramic style and navigation center.

>>ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone Download

NetAdvantage for Windows Phone

NetAdvantage for Windows Phone,Windows Phone 8 mobile application development tool

  NetAdvantage Ultimate for Windows Phone NetAdvantage is an enterprise mobile application of excellent and mobile BI dashboard solution. It is the world only a specific Windows Phone enterprise commercial data visualization controls, in order to meet the development of Windows Phone business class APP requirements. It offers more than 20 into mobile development good interface controls, such as auto complete box, the context menu, date time picker, list selector switch, etc. Help your APP talent showing itself in the Windows Phone Store!

>>NetAdvantage for Windows Phone Download

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Posted by Raymond at November 22, 2013 - 11:32 AM