Web.py running on the nginx uwsgi

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Beginner web.py, must be run in nginx only, also know the performance of uwsgi is optimal, so this paper will record how to build such an environment.

Installing nginx 1

In many ways, the general source installation

Installing uwsgi 2

Download the source code, I am here to download: http://projects.unbit.it/downloads/uwsgi-1.9.20.tar.gz

After decompression operation Python setup.py install can be

Installing web.py 3

A class of like, download address;: http://projects.unbit.it/downloads/uwsgi-1.9.20.tar.gz

After extracting the python setup.py install

4 the configuration of nginx, the access to the uwsgi for processing: add the following configuration in nginx.conf, the 8000 port access all over to uwsgi treatment, uwsgi port 9000 is occupied

    server {
        listen       8000;

        location / {
            include   uwsgi_params;

5 to write a web.py program, named code.py, to handle the real request

import web

# Root requests are submitted to the index processing
urls = ('/', 'index')

# The index class, only to return a hello world
class index:
        def GET(self):
                return "Hello, world!"

app = web.application(urls, globals())
application = app.wsgifunc()

6 start uwsgi

#  uwsgi -s -w code
-s IP and port number

-w specifies the application name

The problem is that if the increased if __name__ = = " applications; __main__": code, will report "unable to load app 0" error, it is not known how to solve

7 the resumption of the nginx, enter "host:8000" in a browser, you can see "Hello, world! " echo in the browser

Reference resources

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