To solve the window files to the Ubuntu problem

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In the case of Ubuntu13.04

Garbled reason:

This is because the default garbage problem in Windows code is GBK, Ubuntu is UTF-8, so in the windows annotation, Ubuntu turned to garbled.

To install VIM

In command line mode

sudo apt-get install vim 
VIM to find the configuration folder

The general is not in the file modification

Add configuration file in your home directory

1 to run the VIM ~/.vimrc command

2 "The notes is the start symbol

  1 set nu "Set the display line numbers
  2 syntax on "Open the syntax check
  3 set showmode  "The lower left corner shows the state of
  4 set autoindent "To indent 
  5  set fileencodings=utf-8,ucs-bom,gb18030,gbk,gb2312,cp936
6  set termencoding=utf-8
7  set encoding=utf-8

Save OK.

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Posted by Quintion at December 01, 2013 - 10:36 PM