The server

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The server (Server) refers to:
A resource management and provide the service for users of computer software, usually divided into a file server (enable users to access files on other computers), database server and application server.
The software of computer, or a network host(Host).
In general, the server through the network to provide service. Can Intranet provide service of Intranet, also can Internet provide service.
Definition [Edit]

Sometimes, these two kinds of definition will cause confusion, such as Web server. It refers to the website of the computer, it might mean that software such as Apache, running on this computer to manage Webpage components and response Webpage browser request.
The server (hardware) [Edit]

The server is used as the hardware, usually refers to those with high computing ability, can provide more than one user computer. Many different server and the PC machine, such as PC in a moment is usually only a customer service. The server and the host, the host is through the terminal to the user, the server is through the network to the client of the user.
Compared with ordinary PC, the server needs continuous work in 7X24 hours environment. This means that the stability of RAS technology of multi server needs, such as supporting the use of ECC memory.
According to different computing power, server is also divided into the work group server, departmental server and enterprise server. The server operating system refers to the operating system running on the server hardware. The server operating system needs to manage and make full use of the server hardware computing power and to provide the server hardware software to use.
Now, a lot as a platform for the server operating system market. Unix operating system, because is the offspring of Unix, mostly have better as the function of the server platform. Unix server operating system often have AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X Server, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and SCO OpenServer. Microsoft also published Microsoft Windows server version, like the early Windows NT Server, later Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, and now Windows Server 2012.
Server software [Edit]

As previously stated definition of server software, server software in client - server or browser / server mode, there are many types of servers, including commonly used:
The file server (File Server) - such as Novell NetWare
The database server (Database Server) - such as the Oracle database server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server
The mail server (Mail Server) - Sendmail, Postfix, Qmail, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino etc.
Webpage server (Web Server) - such as Apache, thttpd, IIS etc. Microsoft
The FTP server (FTP Server) - Pureftpd, Proftpd, WU-ftpd, Serv-U etc.
The domain name server (DNS Server) - such as Bind9 etc.
The application server (Application Server/AP Server) - such as Bea, WebLogic, JBoss, Sun GlassFish
The proxy server (Proxy Server) - such as Squid cache
Computer name server - such as Microsoft WINS server


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