Windows server install SNMP components

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                              Install SNMP on Windows 2003
A, Material:
1 operating system version 2 Relation disc 3

Two, the installation steps:
2.1 to find the corresponding server
2.2 see version:
Right click my computer, select properties, view version: Windows server 2003 sp2
2.3 find the corresponding system of CD
2.4 insert the CD.
2.5 start - control panel - add remove programs - add remove components, management and monitoring tools (tick, and choose details, enter)
2.6 choose the simple network management protocol(SNMP)
2.7 (not all)
2.8 to start the installation.
2.9 installation is complete, if prompted, select No: (about PBS, select no, do not configure IIS. )

Three, the configuration of SNMP
3.1 allocation groups and permissions:
Open computer management - Services - SNMP service, dual
3.2 in the security label click add, in the group insurance choices need permission.
3.3 ordinary permanent use system can.
3.4 in the team name input group name, the group name is SNMP secure connection string.
3.5 were selected to receive SNMP data from any host package (for security reasons, you can manually add the SNMP server address to the list)
3.6 save configuration, exit.

Four, the follow-up work:
4.1 remove the disc.
4.2 write off machine.
4.3 adjust the fire, pick up tools, take away personal belongings, lock the door, turn off the lights, review room.
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Posted by Merlin at December 22, 2013 - 3:32 PM