Recommendation 25 practical HTML5 front frame and development tools [next]

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  Fast, safe, responsive, interactive and beautiful, these advantages attract more   Web  developers to use HTML5. HTML5  there are many new features, allows developers and designers to create applications and web sites, to the user desktop application speed, performance and experience.

  Here to recommend the excellent   HTML5  framework and development tools can help you develop the project faster, easier. Recommended reading: "recommend 25 excellent HTML5 development framework and tools [part]

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Percentage Loader

Percentage Loader: Attractive Loader With jQuery & HTML5

Percentage Loader Is a plugin for jQuery, use HTML5 Canvas to create beautiful loading effect. After compression only 10KB, can also be used as a controller of a drag and drop support (such as a circular volume button), it also supports on the same page display multiple instances.

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jQuery HTML5 Uploader

jQuery HTML5 Uploader: Lightweight jQuery Plguin

jQuery HTML5 Uploader Is a lightweight   jQuery  plug-in, allows you to upload function to add to your   Web  application. You only need to create a Dropbox element (a DIV), the remaining things to jQuery HTML5 Uploader on it. And then you can drag one or more files, the files will be uploaded.

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Audio5js: HTML5 Audio Library

HTML5 Audio is great, easy to implement, performance is also very good. The only thing that can stop you use might is the old version of the browser does not support. Audio5js is a lightweight JavaScript library, a good solution to the compatibility problem.

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Fabric.js: HTML5 Framework

Fabric.js is a HTML5 Canvas coding framework, provides the object creation and manipulation methods, this framework can also use   SVG-to-Canvas  parser .

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D3-Cloud: Word Clouds With JavaScript and HTML5

D3-Cloud Is a beautiful and open character cloud implementation, and somewhat similar. It is based on the D3.js library, using the output of HTML5 Canvas drawing, work asynchronously, good performance.

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cgSceneGraph: Animation Framework With HTML5 Canvas

CgSceneGraph is an object-oriented, easy to use JavaScript animation framework, based on HTML5 Cnavas. It is committed to the establishment of professional applications and games, cross browser, has many built-in functions, such as image, text, buttons, shape etc.

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HTML5 File Uploads with jQuery

HTML5 File Uploads with jQuery

This is another jQuery and HTML5 drag and drop functionality based on the file upload plugin. Allow people to upload photos to drag and drop to the browser window, automatically upload.

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Howler.js: JavaScript Library For Web Audio

Howler.js is a network audio API integrated   JavaScript  library, which is the default when not in support of the downgrade to   HTML5  audio, it accepts a variety of file formats, for cross browser compatibility.

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Font Dragr

Font Dragr: Online Drag and Drop Font Testing Tool

A revolutionary way to test the custom fonts in the browser. No code, no upload, just drag and drop. As a designer, select a decent font is a difficult process! Use this wonderful font bookmark, check any new font immediately, not to change any of the   HTML  or   CSS  webpage .

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Native Form Elements

HTML form elements look and behave slightly different in each browser. In order to find out the differences, easier to test, this site can help you. It lists all the form elements, including all of the   HTML5  elements and the invalid state.

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