The improved K9K8G08U0A Array Organization Samsung manual illustrations

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Recent information referring to NAND FLASH, a non professional posts today, with a large number of non professional and vague words, the Samsung K9K8G08U0A Array Organization map also upload a tampered with.
Although the text is no problem, but with the grey part, is a big misunderstanding.

Baidu library Samsung artwork without plastering, temporarily in the document did not find the corresponding image interpretation, this post is a plastering plate, deepened the misunderstanding, I think the grey on top represents a block, plus the arrow, meaning below that is a piece of extracted, but it is in fact a page.

But the document in like Baidu library; there are problems, others offer website illustration is gray, then according to the grey count.
It is not your Windows drawing, not a disgrace.
Hand-painted hand-painted I mean not to express. The grey block (below to change in order to be lazy... I heard AutoCAD painting with 2D but is effective, is available to try. )

This is not intuitive.~!
Feeling is a bit boring. .
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Posted by Bing at December 10, 2013 - 2:56 PM