In Flex, how to realize the image hot link HTML similar effect?

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We in the system design and development process, often encounter such a scene, the use of national or regional map for navigation entrance, hot spot can be highlighted, in response to events (such as open link, data display, etc.) in the traditional Webpage, use the HTML tag and the corresponding foot this can realize, how it is implemented in Flex.?
      First of all, we look at how to implement Webpage in it, is actually very simple.

      Detailed settings please reference for W3C tag description or other articles.

      There is no corresponding components in Flex, fortunately, the third party library flexlib provides similar component of ImageMap, is that the problems are solved.?
For the common requirements, should be satisfied, that if I need hot bright, layer pop-up message, it must be revised to meet the conditions of assembly.

      In the actual project our, just such a demand. This is the reason why ImageMap launch.

      Component overview please refer to ImageMap v3.0.
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Posted by Lee at November 29, 2013 - 6:08 PM