Why docker pull could not download image?

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Now the environment is CentOS 6.4+docker 0.7.1. Implementation of docker pull has been reported to timeout:

[root@liuming /]# docker pull base
2013/12/18 23:14:19 POST /v1.8/images/create?fromImage=base&tag=
Pulling repository base
[error] server.go:833 Get   dial tcp connection timed out
2013/12/18 23:15:35 Get   dial tcp connection timed out
Before Ubuntu 12.04 is normal, now upgraded lxc-docker, become completely different, it will pop up a window command what is not, is not the same. Never use.

Who have experienced the same phenomenon, please enlighten.

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Posted by Dave at March 03, 2014 - 4:19 PM