Under the Windows Mysql how to reset the root user password

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Invalid online a lot in Windows reset root password way, there is provided an effective way:

The first step: to stop the MySQL service:

It can be accessed through the service window (management tool — — service, or run — — services.msc), stop the MySQL service.

The second step: MySQL into the bin directory:

Open a MS-DOS command window (— — CMD), enter the command: CD C:\MySQL\bin (here is the MySQL installation directory).

The third step: enter the command to skip the authorization table:

Enter the command: mysqld.exe -u root –skip-grant-tables

The fourth step: the new open a MS-DOS command window, and MySQL into the bin directory:

And the second step operation, careful not to close before the command line window.

The fifth step: execute the following commands:

Enter the mysql, enter,

You should enter the MySQL command line, enter the use MySQL; enter,

Enter the UPDATE user SET Password = PASSWORD (‘ NEW_PASSWORD’ WHERE) User = ‘ root’; enter (pay attention to the inside of the NEW_PASSWORD replaced you want to modify a new password),

Input exit; press enter, you should withdraw from the MySQL command line.

The sixth step: start the MySQL service:

Close all MS-DOS command window, according to the first step of the operation to find the MySQL service and start, if you start a long time did not respond, to end the mysqld process in Task Manager.

After the execution of the six steps above, be accomplished.

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