Notepad + + 6.3.3 in Windows 7 cannot open (open error) problem solving?

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Today saw Notepad++ updates, download the latest version of the installation, installation and everything went smoothly, the common plug-ins are installed. But when a good time to open the software installed plug-in again found a problem.

He had the wrong information,

I was depressed, he slowly pondering, put before installing plugins are deleted. I want to find out what plug-in problem, was found to be Explorer.dll and the latest version of the program itself installation checks the spelling of DSpellCheck.dll plug-in conflict, delete any one there is no problem.

Really depressed things, I found is the two, plug-in if there are other friends installed other plugins such problems have a look, is it right? Deleting DSpellCheck.dll this plugin is no problem.

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Posted by Gale at February 18, 2014 - 9:33 AM