The application of WP8 upload failed checking.

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An application development, long time no update.

Recently made some changes, installation and test on the device, without what problem, upload to STORE, received feedback that has two operation will hang.

Know the direct installation testing and downloaded from the STORE, there will be different.

Direct lookup code cannot determine where the problem is, honestly, in accordance with the Microsoft advice, do beta release test.

Create a beta application, the Dev Center upload, download to test machine, it will hang.

In that there are risks place to do some modifications, updates, download, or hang.

Here to waste some time, then pay attention to download or the original version, changes submitted to the system, and has not updated in a timely manner to replace the old.

Experience: should not only modify the logical related, and to change the place to reflect on that UI, download the latest changes.

In order to speed up the localization process, to create two different application submitted to different changes. This time the tragedy. Mobile phone newspaper 805a0194 error.

Try to download other application, normal, restart, resetting the mobile phone, the problem still. For developer accounts, the problem still.

Waiting for four hours, Microsoft service recovery. Already seven thirty in the evening. See the mobile phone to download the application, with tears in her eyes.

To continue the positioning problem. Ing...

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Posted by Lambert at December 30, 2013 - 11:08 AM