UNIX network programming environment configuration

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The configuration of this book in Ubuntu environment
The first step: click the link below to download the compressed package,(It is recommended to download to the main folder).
Download unpv13e.tar.gz

The second step: through the terminal, CD into a compressed folder.
Then the implementation of tar zxf unpv13e.tar.gz
The third step: install the compiler
sudo apt-get install build-essential
The fourth step: enter the unpv13e directory
cd lib
Make (to see whether the generated../libunp.a file)
cd ../libfree
cd ../libgai
The fifth step, copy the libunp.a to the specified location
cd .. //(into the unpv13e directory)
sudo cp libunp.a /usr/lib
sudo cp libunp.a /usr/lib64

The sixth step, modify and copy the unp.h and config.h to the specified location
gedit lib/unp.h , The unp.h #include "../config.h" to#include "config.h"
sudo cp lib/unp.h /usr/include
sudo cp config.h /usr/include

Since then, the environment has been built up, then compile time to add the final -lunp
Such as: gcc -o daytimetcpcli daytimetcpcli.c -lunp

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Posted by Ian at December 19, 2013 - 1:06 PM