Modify the Java after the re release of tomcat, use the Blazeds again wrong

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            Background: java+tomcat+spring+blazeds
                 Separation of Java and flex project
           Problem description:
             When the teacher in according to the configuration of the newly configured for a Java flex project integration, the correct configuration of Tomcat and flex, the Tomcat was first released, flex is once again open Blazeds tip 404 error
          The solution;
             In the Tomcat server in the first removejava project, add again java project, re released, problem solving
     Reflection: 1) because the Spring project integration, is Spring began to think, but not sure.
               2)Because the teacher is copied directly over the project configuration, doubt is the two project conflict
             The conjecture has not been proved wrong
               Finally, add the service based on the same teacher observation projects, publishing and the link is correct, but the new method does not appear in Blazeds, then delete the Tomcat content after the re release,
        Find the corresponding path no production file, but Tomcat display publishing success, try solution; problem solving, but do not know what is the principle, down to see.
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Posted by Benjamin at December 18, 2013 - 9:05 AM