The Flex framework summary

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The Flex framework or precisely AS framework, it is this thing, you will not, it is in that; you learn or not, it is so so.

It was going to take some time, have a look some framework for the existence of the so-called. Although the Flex language has been lonely, but this thing is learned or useful, can learn a lot in the process of learning.

When working, the master said, programming is a thought, then good absorption, so learn other languages can also open their own ideas. The most important is oneself or rely on the survival, then going on to work!

Baidu Search discovery framework also very much, I go, how so much.

puremvc, Cairngorm, Swiz, Mate, Parsley, RobotLegs and I didn't find the present. A to learn it, do not need a deeper understanding, individual to know on the line.

The best framework is not, only the most suitable framework! This sentence is really so return a responsibility, think of a few big projects done before, did not use the framework, product performance is also very good. Suitable is the best.

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Posted by Bing at December 27, 2013 - 2:49 PM