How to solve the install certificate services on a Windows Server 2008 R2 after

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Long time no write what blog, for a period of time before learning 2008 R2, on his computer and install AD certificate and often a CertificationAuthority error, as follows:

The main reasons which cause the problems:

The certificate server and DC installed on the same server, certificate services in the AD service startup before starting, so do not contact the AD service, error. The cause of the problem is found, because this error only at server startup time error, starting after the normal, and no influence on the system, but it does not look good, always show error message. So he took the certificate service start type by the "automatic" changed to "automatic (delayed start)," dependency modification certificate services at the same time to solve. Restarting the server, the server error information is not.

Be careful: The front of the ADWS space is a must. Dependence of modified as shown in Fig.:

The same DNS have similar problems and:

The DNS server 4013 warning information:

Active Directory domain services are waiting for the DNS server (AD DS) signal initial the directory synchronization completed. Before the initial synchronization is complete, the DNS server service cannot be started, because may not yet have DNS data will be important replicated to this domain controller. If the AD DS event log events that have analytical problems DNS name, please consider a list of other DNS servers to add this domain to the DNS server in the Internet protocol attribute the computer's IP address. Before the initial AD DS signal in synchronization has been successfully completed, please every two minutes to record the event time.


Set the DNS SERVER service startup mode for "automatic (delayed start)"

The DFS namespace service was unable to initialize a cross forest trust information on this domain controller, but the service will periodically retry the operation. Return code is in the record data.

1, The DFS Namespace startup type to "automatic (delayed start)"

2, Modify the registry key

Run registry editor, navigate to the following registry path:
Modify the DependOnService key, the heavy line and add"NTDS".

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Posted by Perry at January 16, 2014 - 2:20 PM