The AIX management system

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Check the exchange of information:
LSPs -a shows the distribution of information exchange
LSPs -s shows that information exchange area
Slibclean cleaning program left old paging information
SMIT MKPs exchange space information
Swapon -a started all the paging space
/etc/Swapspaces storage paging space table information
Volume information:
The lsvg display name of the volume
Lsvg -l rootvg displays detailed information for volume rootvg

Methods mount volume:
Varyonvg datavg loading datavg volume
mount /dev/A data1 data1 datavg load volume

Bare equipment types: raw, JFS JFS can be transformed into the file system, the raw is not

Install the Oracle system in the bare equipment:
Modify permissions bare equipment, such as raw devices called system01, install the database user Oracle
chown oracle:dba /dev/system01
chown oracle:dba /dev/rsystem01
In the use of documents must use rsystem01

Fast path name: SMIT (SMIT: graphics mode, Smitty: character mode)
The dev equipment management
Diag diagnosis
JFS regularly file management system
Book management of system administrator LVM logical volume
NFS NFS management
The sinstallp software installation and maintenance
Spooler print queue management
The system management system
tcpip TCP/IP management
USER user management
clstart, clstop: Start and stop cluster
lssrc -g cluser: Check cluser status

View installed software information:
ls -aF /usr/lpp (lpp:Licensed Program Products)
See the installation media content:
installp -q -d /dev/cdrom -l

Start automatically when loading the file system information:
The need to load the information stored in the/etc/filesystems
Mount -t NF type=nfs loading all defined in /ect/filesystems file system
Display the file system and the state has been loaded: df -v,mount

Check the error log information:
errpt -a

The TCP/IP command
Network card:
smit chgenet,chgtok,chgfddi,opschange,Fast path mktty:adptr architecture
smit mkinet,Fast path ppp:slip and PPP
The ifconfig:config interface
/etc/Hosts static host table
/etc/The resolv.conf address resolution server name
/etc/Named.boot name server architecture
/etc/The root name server cache
/etc/ address list
/etc/Named.rev inverted index list
The NSLOOKUP query name server information
Network routing:
Route routing management
Netstat -rn lists defined routing
Routed routing(daekmin rip)
Gated routing(daekmin rip, egp, hello)
/etc/Gateways is known to gateway
/etc/Given networks network
TCP/The IP group system:
Startsrc -g TCPIP start TCPIP subsystem all
Startsrc -s inetd Internet
Iptrace start packet tracing
Ipreport type output tracking results
Netstat network statistics
Ping checks whether it can reach
To view the HACMP, external hard disk information:
lscfg -v
lsdev -Cc adapter
Peer information:
To observe the process memory usage:
PS observation of aux parameters of%mem: memory use percentage of RSS: the actual memory
Vmstat free unit into blocks, the default value for 4096bytst
Select the type of creating raw equipment:

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