[original] gnome3 add custom shortcuts

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Installing alacarte 1

Enter the following command to install alacarte on the command line

yum -y install alacarte

After installation, enter the following command to start the alacarte shortcut to manage all the program from the command line


After the start of the program interface is as follows, you can add shortcut location and click the New Item button to add a shortcut, here and gnome2 operation is the same


2 manually add shortcuts configuration file

In the /usr/share/application directory holds all shortcuts program configuration files, all with.Desktop.

We can add shortcuts to add a new configuration files in this directory

The following parameters configuration file:

Below I give a simple example, I created a shortcut to a Komodo Edit file, named komodo.desktop, is as follows

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Komodo Edit

After save, we will be able to see it in the list of programs

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Posted by Jeffrey at November 10, 2013 - 9:05 PM