Windows under the XMPP server

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The XMPP protocol is widely applied, the currently available XMPP library, Qxmpp IRIS, client more, gloox, are very easy to use, more perfect. But in server, It is the lack of, The most famous open source server Openfire, OK, Have to say that Openfire is a very good use of server, Open source, Configurable, Easy to use, Good scalability, But it is written using JAVA, For me, C+ + people, Not very friendly, Is not good to take these things into our project.

To find the server version is very much,

See the 2 links, but basically is running under UNIX, windows only Jabberd2, open the Jabberd2 homepage also seems to support the Windows, but not very good with.

Is it because Openfire is too good? And other programmers are too lazy to do.

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Posted by Lydia at January 05, 2014 - 6:59 AM