Start the Debug mode in Eclipse not find a free socket Can for the debugger in e

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Yesterday afternoon in the eclipse debugging a Java program, the results of previous launch the debugger is normal to enter the breakpoint, then I quit debugging, again to Debug mode when the program is started, the eclipse pop up a window, reported the following error message:
Can not find a free socket for the debugger in eclipse.

This kind of mistake of never before seen, at that time I really be rather baffling, so this text string as the keyword Google a turn, really let me find, Stackoverflow there is a foreign friends also encountered the same problem, but his description, and I met the wrong when the scene almost like.
when i try to debug the java programe , it says "Cannot find a free socket for the debugger in eclipse".Could you explain how to resolve the error ?
The following is the net friends provide Windows environment in a not too sure solution:
The usual checks (some are Windows specifics) are:

, switch off the vista firewall (it wasn't activated, to be precise)
, add a firewall rule for java.exe/javaw.exe/eclipse.exe and reactivated it (just to be sure it didn't interfere although it was deactivated)
, deactivated my antivirus tool (avira antivir)
, ran eclipse as administrator
, disabled UAC
, activated/deactivated wired and wireless network interfaces
, changed priorities of the network interfaces
, used different jvms (1.6 and 1.7)
, created an entirely new workspace

Unfortunately, the problem is the answer for me no one point of use. Why am I so sure yet, because the conditions are the same as the environment, I do not have the mistake in front of several debugging, but after repeated one time error will occur, so it can be determined by external factors and other issues.

I continue to think, Find a relatively important clue is the, The program stack reported our NullPointerException, But the wrong place is reading the SQL script to write the database operation, So I want to, IO stream object and the path to the file is correct in the case, It certainly suspect is the largest database connection., Immediately check the obtained under Connection example place, Ask colleagues, Reflect the situation is our current in the use of the database and many users, Then the problem can be identified as too many connections to fail. We then login management end, clear a few state in the IDLE connection, start eclipse again, problem solving.
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Posted by Darcy at March 06, 2014 - 6:09 AM