The use of iOS - testfligthapp:

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1 log, click on the Sign Up. Input password, name, email, Developer for ON, submit, to complete the testFlight registration.

2 click on the People, create a team with AddTeam, enter a team name can be created. Then create a team (or project), and then invited a email. Click the browser on the upper right corner of the Add Teammate button, the recruitment of a tester (tester). Enter the other email can, pay attention to tester Developer options can OFF. Of course, you have to recruit staff development is the word, is still using the same button, only the Developer option is ON.

3 each open Safari email invitation link in a mobile phone, registered an account, or sign in. Each other in the mobile phone on the step by step according to the prompt, will require the installation of a certificate in the mobile phone settings. Finally it is to accept the request. Account registration is completed, can the registration. Open the Safari when you need to test the iOS device, the input address, just registered account login.

4 and your email, or you can know each other's serial number UDID on the control panel.

5 then the developer account in the serial number, re packaged IPA.

6 in the TestFlight Build interface update, upload the IPA, and select the appropriate user, select the update.

7 finally the other in mobile phone can receive direct suggest a new app, click Install.

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Posted by Chester at December 13, 2013 - 10:24 AM