Don't understand technology, how to develop personal app?

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With the popularity of smart mobile phone, app development has become the current IT industry is a branch of the most popular. “ ”, is not only the patent of young people, now many elderly people are obsessed with the streets and lanes, can be seen at any time you use a variety of handheld mobile devices with awfully. Incoming intelligent wave makes the market hitherto unknown active, in addition to the professional and mature APP developers, there are many individual technology for its own interests and join in. Of course, more a lot of content do not understand the technical people want to develop a belongs to own app.

So don't understand technology, How to develop personal app? In fact, a little Baidu search, You will find this threshold has already broken, There are many online app platform on the Internet, The entire development process is not required to write code, Only you know how to play computer games on it, Here I recommend a good -- Application of APP platform online star, Make your own app free of this platform is to help the less skilled users in 3 minutes, Only need simple steps can be made into application, And to support the Android platform, At the same time, software updates and maintenance is also very convenient, Is a convenient way to own application of individuals and small and medium-sized enterprise customization, If you act quickly, Thinking clear enough, The fastest 5 minutes, A maximum of 1 hours, You can create belong to your application, What about?? Sounds great.!

And the application of star making application is completely free, without programming based on a few minutes you can get an application, either from the fresh or the user experience do very good, worthy of you to try.

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Posted by Crystal at November 22, 2013 - 3:18 AM