The InitPHP 3.3 2013-5-29 release

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InitPHP is a lightweight PHP development framework, using hierarchical architecture, suitable for large and medium-sized site architecture. Provides the library class library, and a simple framework extension mechanism. InitPHP also provides detailed documentation of the development, can let you in the use of the framework is more simple and practical. InitPHP implementation of the security system abstract layer, DB layered architecture, cache seamless handoff mechanism, a simple template mechanism, multi model deployment mechanism, strong is your weapon, the rapid development of PHP applications!

The new version of the improvement:

1.  add controller white list can be specified with the HTTP  METHOD
2.  new renturn200  return404  return500;
is_empty method; repair

4.  CURL  repair;   parameter transfer parameters;
5 repair a few BUG

Download address

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Posted by BCv at October 28, 2013 - 1:04 AM