To build the web project using the maven ECLIPS or STS

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[Pictures and detailed in the annex]
I had always thought that the construction project is a very painful thing, should be here with there, online is not a complete description of. But the new task to the, ah, can not always let others help me put on airs, yourself. To process a problem ask someone or some.

So, have a look, I hope to help those who have and I have the same confusion of children's shoes.

Directly on the theme, set up Maven using eclipse or STS web project.

1 to build the web project will new a maven project, if project does not directly see the Maven project, then select Other, then Maven search box search words in the Wizards, and the Maven folder, point to open the find Maven Project and click Next.
2 click again on the Next,
3 select org.apache.maven.archetypes maven-archetype-webapps, click next again
Com. company general fill in 4.Group Id; Artifact Id as the project name. Fill out and no error and click Finish, then completed a preliminary create.
The following 5 project directory structure,
The standard structure of 6 but this is not the default Maven project. We need to make some changes.
(1)Create a source folder. In the project, folder name:src/main/java
7 may report the error Cannot nest 'ss/src/main/java' inside 'ss/src/'. To enable the nesting exclude 'main/' from 'ss/src/',
The Properties attribute 8 Click to select Java Build project Path, find source, found that there are two wrong package, the selected remove.,
In 9 to create a source folder project, folder name:src/main/java
10.OK,This time our web preliminary engineering is set up, the rest is according to the demand of modify configuration files.
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Posted by Byron at December 22, 2013 - 6:16 AM