A problem in Ruby

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bjcontent="I am content"
bcontent=:"I am content"
puts "With to_sym conversion comparison results of contents:",bjcontent.to_sym==bcontent #true
puts "With to_s conversion comparison results of contents:",bcontent.to_s==bjcontent #true

bjobject="I was the object of comparison"
puts "Comparison results:",bobjects==bobject #true

puts a.to_sym==b #false
puts b.to_s==a #false
puts c==b #false
Why is Question: the last three are false? Is a string can be transformed into a data object? Also not ah, do not know, solution!
Answer: I know, to_s & to_sym is the contents of the object, &: string; the string is the object%{}
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Posted by Morgan at February 18, 2014 - 7:41 PM