The FreeBSD system used in VMware NAT network

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In this paper, to solve the following problem:

1, Why choose NAT Internet

2, The Win7 and how to configure VM to the Internet

3, How to configure FreeBSD, can use DHCP to automatically obtain IP and DNS


VM adopts the network see: the relationship between virtual network adapter card and host, in order to facilitate the travel or solve problems with internet virtual machine IP/MAC binding conditions, Host_only and Bridge are not very good solution to these problems, so the NAT scheme.

The configuration process:

In the understanding of NAT based on the need to do the following work

1, Set VMnet8 IP

2, Set VMnet1 IP

3, Configure VM Virtual Network

4, The configuration of FreeBSD

Specific work:

1, Set VMnet8 IP

2, Set VMnet1

Then the VMnet1-> Adapter Configuration VM1; Property-> sharing

Note: the above process if the system prompts should be mandatory for or IP is used such that the mandatory IP. The first use is found not to use force behind the IP can not run normally, but can run normally and then change the IP can work normally, fantastic.

3, Configure VM Virtual Network

The following NAT set IP to VMnet8 in the same network segment

NAT Setting:

As for the Gatway IP and VMnet8 can be repeated as long as not

4, Modify the FreeBSD to DHCP mode

Command mode: #ee /etc/rc.conf

Then restart the card can be used in several ways.:

The first method: # sh /etc/rc
Second kinds of methods: # /etc/netstart
Third kinds of methods: restart the machine

Check the IP configuration:

#netstat -rn

Test you again:

The network has smooth, behind can do all kinds of tests, also need not worry about the various network outages caused trouble Oh.

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Posted by Luke at December 20, 2013 - 5:47 AM