Snow desktop WIN32 applet

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I haven't time, on the University of Christmas, the students made a desktop snow applet. When see the effect, wow, that feels good high-end, just like what I can write such a program. After learning the computer, it can realize the. So they prepared to write a, when the sticky when looking for information on the Internet, found on the Internet to find the results are not satisfactory (such as the only desktop picture of white point, and refresh not after, not according to the meaning, I just said I did not want to effect). Then read a book to find information is finally completed. The use of WIN32 C/C+ + writing, we do not have to worry about because cannot read MFC. The following is the effect diagram (background music):

Snow will not disappear due to refresh, it will not affect the normal use of computer. If interested can come here to have a look:

Note: just registered CSDN so what did not score, you will forgive me.

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Posted by Marcus at December 29, 2013 - 9:41 PM