Have like me by various science fiction in the future computer system fans have

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Whether Afanda, or biochemical crisis, or the other, both civilian and military, the movie is always cool to the computer system. However, all this, but only in the movies......
I was fascinated by these systems, see all kinds of science fiction the skin really jealous not in science fiction, fantasy, often can give way, put on their own win7 system but, little Tucao, these posts landlord too suck powder, has many days but could not see any link shadow, hurt my heart as the saying goes, relying on others than on their own, and thought that the configuration system mounted on the skin after almost in the cool, but at the same time will slow down the speed of the system, is quite suck, wanted to do a futuristic system, but the system... To learn the C language should know.
I am in the online search science fiction faction, futuristic point system, no search to (if you have, remember recommendation)
Here, I want to recruit you love the science, has the best C language based like-minded friends, we can reproduce a system together, I think the future of Linux kernel system based on touch screen version is quite promising,
Early less, UI
Later OS

If you are interested in it andThe penguins sci-fi system 225010780

(hope filled with sci-fi imagination C language programmers to join (PS: landlord currently taking C language in the University, we can explore together knowledge)
Hope creative friends to join,
Hope the patience you wrote the mammoth blog discourse reading is full of lofty sentiments and aspirations of the brothers joined)

PS: I'm not a professional major in computer, so there are mistakes can hardly be avoided, all my critics, you are my good teachers and helpful friends, I will work hard to make improvements, but I will not give up the dream in the heart, even seem out of reach.
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Posted by Mike at November 27, 2013 - 4:04 PM