A few tips to optimize statements -- User Experience Report

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  From the long time, review the basics, I mainly talked about optimization techniques, several basic need to pay attention to when you create the report.

  This article is mainly about, how to achieve a balance between advanced user experience and excellent report performance, also using the Stimulsoft Reports as an example, in order to improve the report generation speed and reduce the memory for the target report.

Avoid using the subreport control

  In order to quickly report rendering, we propose to develop to stop using the subreport control, and the use of data with DataBand control. The main reason is to render the report, will create an infinite height of the page, the page Matsuo Michi, so will cause a lot of follow-up work, greatly increasing the report rendering time. The contents of the DataBand control is based entirely on the main report, and the Stimulsoft Reports DataBand controls highly optimized, with a perfect fit to the report engine.

Using Report Checker

  Stimulsoft Reports provides a ReportChecker gadget, is used to check the report runs in error, analysis report, and provide the error information in a report, alert aggregation, and can also provide some common solutions or hints for reference, solution Report Checker provided in many cases are very practical, can greatly speed up report rendering speed. The Chercker is really very intelligent, I used the most comfortable, when we first recommend error attempts to automatically repair Checker.

The use of explanatory model

  Like the VB, the Stimulsoft Reports model will not find compile, all the time and memory will not be used, that the use of a large number of controls in the report is very important. Using the interpretation mode can reduce the absolute memory occupancy, but relative will also have some problems, for example, in this mode, unable to correctly handle the complex expressions, unable to report events in the use of the script.

The report editor component

  Another method to reduce the acceleration report created in memory usage will report is compiled into a component — —.Dll file. The advantage of this method is that only a compiler, second can be directly loaded has compiled a report. But if meet the reporting tools to upgrade, to report the stability, the need to re compile the report to the assembly.

Less use of Table table control

  Table is a composite control, if you need to render complex statements, it is best to use the zone control to take representative control, because Table contains a series of projects, but each project in rendering statements requires a series of tests, which will cost a lot of time. But if the report structure is too complex, the Table is likely to be wrong. Recommend the use of Table control in the list of statements in simple statements, and in large complex structure, or recommend the use of zone control.

Finally, there is a need to download the test Stimulsoft Reports, click here>>

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Posted by Wade at November 16, 2013 - 11:57 AM