The software architect books

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A discourse, architecture

1. Software Architecture in Practice,2nd Edition-- software architecture in practice (Second Edition)

2. Documenting Software Architectures - documenting Software Architectures

   The thirteenth JOLT awards, the process to capture the architecture, Xu Hao recommended.

3. Applied Software Architecture -- a practical software system structure

  Another book cited many architecture books.

Two, UML

UML,The 4+1 view is always the most general architect bound things, to find a way to compromise with the world.

1. UML Distilled 3rd

I have nothing special to recommend UML tool books, anthology the thinnest.

2. The Elements of UML 2.0 Style

Wins in the no similar books.

3. Applying UML and patterns (Third Edition) --Applying UML and Patterns 3rd "     OOAD UML+RUP for.

Three, domain specific part

Developer GOF23 Pattern, the architect also architect for Pattern. Different areas of architects need different knowledge.

1 public domain

Application framework Application Frameworks - domain specific Domain-Specific: experience the framework  

Recommended ozzzzzz, introduces the design of 30 specific domain specific framework.

Head First Design Patterns  

GOF23 classic design patterns explain the best, suitable for [GAMMA95] torment architect for review, Chinese edition will be published.

2 Java EE  

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture - the patterns of enterprise application architecture

Martin Fowler of old books, each layer of the model of enterprise application.      

Effective Enterprise Java-- Chinese version

Neward, Ted works, the author learned through the things (.Net and Java), like to write like Blog, inside each page has a large amount of information.

But the two are relatively old, not new.

3. EAI/The SOA field

Enterprise Integration Patterns - enterprise integration patterns: design, construction and deploying messaging solutions

4 network and a background service programming

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, Volume 2 - Pattern Oriented Software Architecture Volume 2: for concurrent and networked object model

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, Volume 3 - pattern oriented software architecture, Volume 3: resource management model

Four, other articles

Code Complete 2 code complete 2 "     one of your younger brother when the education spokesperson.

The Pragmatic Programmer - the programmer: from small to expert "     one of your little brother for inspiration.

The Art of Unix Programming --UNIX programming art

Five, efficient reading

   Head First series is just beginning a teaching people how to read it, then processing is as follows:

1 try to read Chinese version  

Although some people English is very strong, and some of the translation is very poor, but AnyWay Chinese reading and understanding of time, skimming and fast positioning speed or faster.  

2 Instant Notes, summary notes and exchange  

Although love books, but found that the most effective way of reading or making fat continuous batch when reading the text, underline important, to his own experience written on the page.   tomorrow in the review comments, can have the best air re organize notes, or to discuss with people.

3 a lot of thought or repetition  

Read a book the most depressing thing is after reading an empty head. Technical book. Point, although at the time may be very hard, but just learned to ride a bike, then again when riding always; while the partial design and management of the book, the most easy thing is to see the very quickly, seeing nothing left to practice.   so, we can not see the novel speed design books, looking for the opportunity to think, thinking is the best memory.   or, repeated memory many, repeated many times until the unconscious memory.  

4 the human engineering  

Those who do not look at the time and place of a good place for this list.   environment don't have TV, strong input music source, and the sun birds and other weak input source helps active brain.   drink a lot of read a Book at.   if found his brain has been tired, has been in the skimming over the surface to look, to rest.   left brain digestion time, read books do not read books or other difficult things.

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