[read] Yang Lan: you only have to grasp is growing

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  Do one thing. 

  And although there is no good or bad, but it is very different. Once attended a forum, a professor said a point of view: a person does not need to do everything well. In fact, as long as a thing well done, you will have another chance. I think there's a reason. I have met many say they like doing a peer: Yang Lan, you are lucky, can interview so many heads of state and government, we do not have this opportunity. And I was actually from an interview with a head start. So if the mayor didn't interview, don't go to interview the mayor; the mayor didn't interview, interview the minister don't; Minister interview well, deputy prime minister, to the prime minister, the president.

  For medicine, I do not really understand, but I also know that, also have the comparative advantage exists. Some medical students in the school, the theory is very good, but the hand is stupid, so clinical do not fit the surgeon. Some theory is not very professional, but is dexterous, can become a surgeon &ldquo “ a knife;. This is what everyone have different comparative advantages.

  Generally speaking, a person just graduated from University, walking to work, easy to produce this thought: I'm going to be a very meaningful work, or I'm interested in the job. In fact, need not worry. You can do some &ldquo looks put fine timber to petty use; ”, or fully transactional work. But if you can in this work do better than others a little, do not need a lot, you will have a chance to do greater things. But if you don't do anything, stop there to complain: I in other aspects are also better than they are. It is useless, the world no one to hear such words. We only concerned about the results of your work. So you just in one hand, a little better than others, you will have a chance to grow.

  A few years ago, the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Kasyanov to visit China, only stay for two days, he gave an interview, is my interview. It should be said, as the media of folk, such opportunities can be difficult. I'm very curious, ask him why he will accept my interview? His entourage told me: very interesting, because before this, I interviewed the Deputy Prime Minister and his. Deputy Prime Minister told him: if you go to China, should accept this reporter interview, she asks questions very level. After listening to me very happy. This pass from mouth to mouth, don't underestimate. Everything you do will have an effect on your future growth. Hope is more positive influence rather than a negative impact.  

  Find their own comparative advantages

  Why was I left "Zhengda variety show"? This is people keep asking me questions. I don't know whether to say clear, torrents yongtui or, learning spirit, the essence is not the problem. In essence, I feel that I am not good at doing variety shows. I can't sing, nor dance, nor of his pieces. Only once and Zhao Zhongxiang teacher cooperative play magic, what is the big change. Don't go out, let others recognized. The effect of magic little. So I think, I really have no artistic genius. I just do what you can do. What I do good? Perhaps the childhood under the influence of family, I also like reading, and learning ability. So the later start chat show, every time I insist on reading the relevant information as much as possible, to see all the things. According to the others to say: This is stupid, the host is by the eloquence good, site response quickly on the line. I just don't think so. Take me to do chat show, you prepared in advance and you make the program effect is proportional to the.

  As a reporter and chat show host, I may have a comparative advantage, that is easy to communicate with others. 96 years in the United States and I cooperation Oriental TV a program called "Yang Lan" the line of sight of some social problems and the United States of America Broadway musicals. One episode is about the problem of obesity. Lady a weighing more than three hundred kg, accept my interview. You can imagine, the general chair she sat not, width is not enough, I will find another chair, personally came, and asked her to sit down, and talk to her. At last she said: I didn't know Chinese journalists will be what kind of? But I am willing to accept your interview. I asked her why? She says other reporters to interview, is with a prepared topic, in which I dug a few words, to fill in their articles. You are really interested in my. It gave me a deep impression. So in front of the camera or, when communicating with people or, whether you are interested in each other, each other is completely visible. Your every act and every move, your eyes are in the establishment of a gas, so I could build a gas, suitable for chat show.

  So, this is me a mining on their comparative advantages. In fact, everyone has their own comparative advantages. Of course, you will not know at the outset, only by trying different things to know. For me, I have to do television for seventeen years, intermediate and experienced many setbacks. Great, you know, was founded in 2000 in Hongkong, Sun TV, although it is holding a person the ideal in this matter, I did not regret it, but because the business model and the existing market rules does not quite match, has experienced many business setback. It makes me very upset, because I felt so hard. Even when pregnant negotiate. From small to large, the education I received is: as long as you work hard enough, you will be successful. But later found not so. If you start, your strategy, your position biased words, no matter how hard you are not successful.

  For your life to add and subtract 

  Later I go to Shanghai central business school CEO courses, the difference between a teacher told of a businessman and a soldier; the soldier receives a command, even hit the last bullet, sacrifice, also need to hold your ground. And the businessman in seemed to be in a hall, at any time to pay attention to what the door can be opened, where I went. Always looking for opportunities for mobility, and in and out, to maximize the commercial interests. So listen, I know the score of — — I'm not doing business database. Although it is hard to do, but from the inside, this is not my comparative advantage. Fifteen years ago I occupation career, I have been doing addition, the moderator, I asked the director: is it right? I can write their own lines. Write the script, the director asked: can I make an edit? Finish editing, asked the director: can I do a producer? Do the producer, he thought: I can also be responsible for several programs. After the show for a few, wanted to be able to do a channel? Life has been doing additions, added to the Sun TV, I know, in life, your comparative advantage may be only one or two.

  After a series of addition, I think the start doing subtraction. Because I think I need to have a balanced life. I'm not so crazy work. So I began to do subtraction. So today I want to position themselves to understand the laws of the market: a man of culture, one to communicate with the world culture. In the work at the same time, hope to be able to engage in more social welfare activities. So it may be in the failure to recognize their own comparative advantages. Of course, I also hope that we pay the price will not be too great, will be able to understand the comparative advantages and disadvantages of their own.  

  You can not succeed, but can not grow 

  Everyone in the growth, this growth is a dynamic development process. You may under certain circumstances and time reached a balance, and balance is short, may be fleeting, breaking. Growth is endless, many of life is difficult to grasp, even love, you may change, the person also may change; but growth can grasp, this is my promise to myself. Although we further efforts will be Liu Xiang, but we can still enjoy the run. Someone may hinder your success, but no one can stop your growth. In other words, this life you can not succeed, but can not grow.

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