Using the xFace Player installation

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By xFace Player, developers can directly see the actual effect in the application of mobile phone, different system platform equipment, installation is not the same, the following are introduced.
A, Android system
Android is divided into manual and automatic mode.
Automatic mode:
1, Click on the simulator Developer Helper "Push" button, it will automatically apply the code corresponding to the copy to the mobile phone corresponding directory
2, Click on the simulator Developer Helper "install& launch" button, automatic installation of player to the mobile phone and run the program

Manual mode:
1, To download the xFacePlayer.apk installation to the mobile phone.
2, Will write a good page (HTML, CSS, JS, IMG etc.), application icon icon and the application configuration file to the SD card app.xml copy the following xFacePlayer applications/app/, without the need to manually create the directory
3, Run the installation of xFace Player

Two, IOS system
IOS only manual this a way.
Non jailbroken devices
1, Through the iTunes to install xFacePlayer.ipa on the IOS device
2, Will develop applications for the compression
3, Add to xFace Player
4, Perform synchronous, rerun the IOS device xFace Player
Escape device
1, Install iTools
2, The iOS device with a iTools connection
3, Install the xFacePlayer.ipa to the device
4, Copy to be loaded into / applications
5, Run the setup in the device xFacePlayer

Three, Windows Phone 8 system
1, Precondition
1)Windows 8 64bits
2)Windows Phone 8 mobile phone (have developers registered, please refer to the How to register your phone for development)
3)SD card a
4)The installation of Windows Phone SDK
2, Operation steps
1)To install xFacePlayer.xap to a mobile phone.
2)The first written application (HTML, CSS, JS, IMG etc.), application icon icon and the application configuration file app.xml, the compression of, and then changed the name to xFaceInstalledPackage.xpa, and the USB copy to SD Kagan the path to the WWW directory, if there is no need to manually create the directory
3)Run the setup xFacePlayer on the mobile phone, thus starting the application
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Posted by Parker at December 26, 2013 - 6:32 PM