The 360 patch after the system was unable to start the solution

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Today, with 360 according to the prompt gave win7 patch, really hurt: reboot after installing the patch, again system Windows Update to configure, but to 32% when you card which does not move

Press the power off after use, start to enter the 360 offer, still stuck in the 32% no move. A patch for dinner time, work is not to go into the system, is really hurt.

Here to talk about my solution:

At first according to the Enter (ThinkPad interrupt normal bond, the book is different, the key may be different), and then press F8 to safe mode, the system can be.

The use of Services.msc in the system disable Windows update and 360 service.

Originally wanted to in the control panel - program wanted to just installed update uninstall, but prompt safe mode does not seem to start Windows Installer (manually start the service does not work), cannot uninstall.

And then boot, normal system

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Posted by Bob at January 05, 2014 - 6:14 PM