RRDTOOL combined with /proc/net/dev network traffic monitoring system

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       In the post share is "RRDTOOL binding iostat IO monitoring system", this article to share with you is the "RRDTOOL with /proc/net/dev network flow monitoring system". When I am familiar with the RRDTOOL, you can also try with other commands, come up with a practical Linux system monitoring system, the behind of the article I will try to get a set of. The next is "the RRDTOOL combined with /proc/net/dev network flow monitoring system".:
       A,     Basic environment
Install the RRDTOOL software
             Unlike the last post, we take the network traffic is obtained through the cat /proc/net/dev, so I do not install other packages.
Two,       Write the script for monitoring and mapping
      #Edit script
            #The script text
            #Generate different time PNG diagram
           Be careful:
           #A line of the same key, card access flow

The script is completed, the next thing to do is, add scripts to crontab timing task, in order to see the effect, I set is executed once per minute, of course this according to the actual situation of their own definition
crontab -e #Added to the timing task


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Posted by Crystal at December 14, 2013 - 9:36 PM