Automatic backup tool SQLBackupAndFTP SQLSERVER database with good (fully functi

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Automatic backup tool SQLBackupAndFTP SQLSERVER database with good (fully functional)

This tool is mainly automatic backup of the database, a database, backup database log reports sent to the mailbox, automatic compression backup database

Perform database backup task periodically, replace the SSMS maintenance plan, upload the database backup file to the FTP server, other network hard disk etc.

SoftwareFree of chargeAndPayTwo kinds of mode, but I thinkThe free versionFunction is sufficient


When your computer is especially useful when the SQL Server Express 2005 and SQL Server Express version 2008

Because there is no plan to maintain SQLSERVER Express version, use SQLBackupAndFTP to solve this problem

This tool also has a version of MYSQL

MYSQL version download address:

SQLSERVER Azure special edition download:

Official website:

The installation path: C:\Program Files\Pranas.NET\SQLBackupAndFTP

The installation directory mainly are DLL

SQLBackupAndFTP will create a new Windows service, used to regularly back up the database, replace the SSMS maintenance plan,

Database backup software developed by our company is also using the Windows services approach to timing backup of database, the principle of the software about

See these pictures, I believe that want to crack the software people ready to make trouble, but best not to crack, show some respect.

We use the free version on the line, it is best not to break his payment function

About Xceed Zip for.NET components:

Some settings

Database connection set first

Check backup database

Set up a mail, the backup reports sent to the mailbox

Set the timing task, you can set the full backup, differential backup, transaction log backup,

Also can be set using a system task plan or use the software to run the Windows service to run timing task

The software itself also presupposes some timing options, click with the mouse can be used.

Settings backup options, including a large database for temporary file storage path, compress backup options, whether to check the backup files, backup database log path, encrypted backup file (fee)

I took the path database backup log and a large database of temporary files are set in D:\MSSQL\Databackup

After setting the backup path above also need to return to the main interface backup path set, the backup database files can be uploaded to the FTP servers, DROPBOX, SKYDRIVE (to pay).

I put the backup file in the backup database and log the same path D:\MSSQL\Databackup

The software also can be set to automatically remove the long ago backup files, can also backup to remote path, NAS storage,

If the network path, click on the “ Test” button to test whether or not connected


All settings can be saved after the configuration, when reinstall the software, or change the machine will no longer set

Export configuration file

Setup time can click on “ run now” button to manually perform a backup, later will be in accordance with the timing task settings in the settings program to perform a database backup operation.

Open the mailbox to see the mail

In the path can see the log and is compressed backup file


1 >>> run 2013-09-15 13:00:25 by Administrator 2 3 SqlBackupAndFtp Free (started manually) at xxx (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0) (.NET: 2.0.50727.4927, 3.0.30729.4926, 3.5.30729.4926, 4.0.30319) 4 xxx name: C:\xxxx\Desktop\new.jobx 5 6 SUMMARY: 7 Database GPOSDB: Folder - Success 8 9 DETAILED LOG: 10 09/15/2013 13:00:19 Creating backup of GPOSDB to D:\MSSQL\Databackup (full) 11 09/15/2013 13:00:20 Verifying backup file GPOSDB201309151300.bak 12 09/15/2013 13:00:20 Compressing (internal zip) GPOSDB201309151300.bak to D:\MSSQL\Databackup 13 09/15/2013 13:00:21 Compression completed (archive: "", size: 885 KB) 14 09/15/2013 13:00:21 Removing GPOSDB201309151300.bak from D:\MSSQL\Databackup 15 09/15/2013 13:00:21 Connecting to D:\MSSQL\Databackup 16 09/15/2013 13:00:21 File is already on the destination 17 09/15/2013 13:00:21 Disconnecting from D:\MSSQL\Databackup 18 09/15/2013 13:00:21 Cleaning D:\MSSQL\Databackup 19 09/15/2013 13:00:21 Connecting to D:\MSSQL\Databackup 20 09/15/2013 13:00:21 Cleaning destination folder 21 09/15/2013 13:00:21 Disconnecting from D:\MSSQL\Databackup 22 09/15/2013 13:00:21 Job finished 23 Sending report to (SMTP)

You can see the backup file size for the 5.1MB is 886KB, after compression, the compression ratio is high.

A key to restore the database

Click the restore button

Select the database backup file path

If the database is in use, he will ask you whether to terminate all the process database

Click "yes"

Reduction of success

The main functional limitation

Timing task supports only 2 database, but these functional limitations for me had little effect on o(∩_∩)o

The SQLBackupAndFTP software is introduced here.~

If have a wrong place, welcome everybody clap brick o(∩_∩)o

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