Start the windows phone simulator in win8.1 flat by the brush BIOS way

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      Recently bought a Windows8.1 tablet computer, not Surface Pro, too expensive, but domestic Le van F2 (64G, 4G memory), CPU Celeron U1037. The installation of Visual Studio2013 and other development tools are very smoothly. But to start the Windows Phone simulator, suggests CPU virtualization is prohibited. This is not what the big deal. Click "control panel" > "program and function" in the "startup or shutdown the windows function", will pop up a dialog box as shown in Figure 1. Then select the Hyper-V.

Figure 1

    But a Hyper-V is selected. Estimation is a bug win8.1, not to update the selected state. It can be deselected, and then restart the tablet computer, then to select, and then restart. But think again when selected, with second "Hyper-V" platform is not optional. Obviously, when the BIOS has banned CPU Virtualization (Intel official made it clear that the Celeron U1037 support for virtualization, so do not worry about virtualization can not open). Now enter the BIOS (computer to plate, both Le van F2, or Surface Pro, or other win8.1 tablet, all need to pick the USB keyboard can enter the BIOS, if you want to reinstall the system, but also the need for external USB mouse, wireless keyboard and mouse.). Found a big problem, don't open the CPU virtualization options. Consulting firms know, also need to brush a new BIOS can. Needs of the readers can go here to download music and the latest F2 BIOS (the BIOS only for U1037 CPU, if i5 or i7, please refer to the manufacturer to the corresponding version of the BIOS program).

Celeron 1037 brush BIOS program

Figure 2

      Download brush BIOS program, according to the current system is 32 bit or 64 bit run a different program (there are two contents, one is 32, one is 64 bit), run the corresponding directory of the afuwingui.exe program, will be displayed as shown in Figure 2 interface. Must first select the brush to the BIOS file (.ROM file), the file in the root directory download compressed package. Named 1037_918.ROM. There is a open button as shown in Figure 2, the bottom interface (the beginning not to see, is hidden, the mouse into the corresponding location, click to see). Click on the button, select the 1037_918.ROM file, will jump directly to the "setup" page, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

      As shown in Figure 3, select "all options in Block Options". And then back to the "Information" page, in the "open" button on the right side there is a "process" button (is hidden, click to see". After the click, you can brush BIOS (about 1 minutes), don't shut down during this period, otherwise your flat hung up. After brushing, restart the tablet, according to delete or F10 into the BIOS (using the USB keyboard). Enter "Advanced" (only brush BIOS, will have this), and then find the "CPU Configuration", enter "Intel Virtualization Technology", find the item, set it to "Enabled". And then restart the plate.

    The above steps perfectly, but after the restart found wrong, can't get up. Could not find the boot disk. Of course, there is a direct solution to this problem as a U disk boot, reload. But having a bit of trouble. But we find, select menu new BIOS according to F10 appear a "Windowns Boot Manager" menu, select the menu, it can enter the system. Now restart the plate, you can directly enter the win8.1.

    But there is a very troublesome problem, win8.1 added a check, if secure boot is not open in BIOS, will be in the lower right corner of the desktop display "SecureBoot is not configured correctly" watermark. Microsoft joined the function from the win8.1, Microsoft explained, starting safety (SecureBoot) can prevent unauthorized software operation, improve the safety of 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 PC to run Windows. But the new brush BIOS default does not open the secure boot mode (using standard). Although the watermark does not have any effect on the use, but feel very uncomfortable, but Microsoft except a remove the watermark patch, install, watermarking natural disappear. Download the address is as follows:

The 32 bit win8.1(KB2902864)

The 64 bit win8.1(KB2902864)

Windows Server 2012 R2(KB2902864)

OK, now you can start the Windows Phone emulator test program.

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Posted by Lyle at December 11, 2013 - 4:49 PM